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Cost: 8 Discipline

Tumble acrobatically 35 yards.
Unlocked at Level 9.
Quick Facts
  • Can be aimed at the ground
  • Is usable in Town
  • Can be targeted at enemies
  • Don't move closer if out of range
  • Immune To Recoil
  • Immune To Knockback
  • Cancels Character Actions
  • Ignores Range On Shift Click
  • Is Invulnerable During
  • Cannot be Interrupted
  • Breaks Root


Name Level Unlocked Tooltip
Trail of Cinders
49 Leave a trail of fire in your wake that deals 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
38 Remove the Discipline cost but add an 6 second cooldown.
Action Shot
16 While Vaulting, shoot 4 arrows for 75% weapon damage at nearby enemies. These shots are guaranteed Critical Hits.
33 After using Vault, your next Vault within 6 seconds has its Discipline cost reduced by 50%.
Rattling Roll
23 Enemies you vault through are knocked away and Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Further Information

Further information contains internal information for the skill, sometimes this is a lot, others not so much. Please note that not all of this information is used by the game engine in its current state
Name Text
*Var Stats seem to be the old tooltip that Blizzard used and thus contains some useful and some out of date information.
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